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Have you been looking for quality wallcovering, but you have had a hard time finding a good online source that is affordable as well? Well, you are in the right place! I would like to introduce you to Decktec Wanddekor – Live in Balance. Decktec is a premium provider of quality wallcoverings. Some of their patterns include stone, wood, pattern, brick, cement and more. It looks so realistic; you won’t be able to tell the difference! So, to start shopping for the most realistic and elegant types of wallcoving, visit https://decktec-shop.de or https://decktec-shop.de/wandverkleidung and you will be happy that you did!

Now that you know more about our friends over at Decktec Wanddekor – Live in Balance, feel free to read our short article on Quality Wallcoverings. Upon completion, head back over to their website to shop their vast selections.

Quality wallcoverings bring texture, style and a pattern to a space. Paint cannot match this level of beauty. They also protect your wall with a durable coating, prolonging the life of not only the wallcovering, but the wall itself. Wallcoverings are an ideal choice for restaurants, schools, salons, as well as for a residence. Commercial wallcoverings are generally a little more expensive than wallpaper, but they can handle spills or splashes that traditional wallpaper can’t and it looks a whole lot better.

Woodgrain wallcoverings are a favorite. They can really brighten and transform the whole interior of a space! Whether you like dark wood, or light. They’re so visually appealing that most people will not be able to tell the difference from the real thing. An added bonus, they’re more resilient than wood and you can do wallcoverings for a fraction of the price.

Brick or stone wallcoverings come in all types of different colors, textures and styles. You can get an old-world look to a space, a contemporary look and anything in between. They’re simply stunning and are a must see. When it comes to pattern wallcoverings, they’re absolutely amazing. The texture and the color choices are endless. The visual things you can do to a room are so impressive, you will not want to go back to traditional wallpaper or a painted wall. You can get wallcoverings professionally installed or you can do it yourself if you are patient and handy with home projects.

Wallcoverings provide inspiration to coincide with your imagination which makes your home, your house. Something original and unique. Most wallcoverings are sold by specific sizes, though some may require trimming depending on dimensions of your space. In case you haven't seen the new types of wallcoverings on the market, have a look. Wallcoverings have an essential role to play when it has to do with feeling comfortable in your home or office space. With earthy vibes and good texture, these decorations are ideal for adding warmth in your overall room design. You are going to be amazed at how quickly the look of your room is transformed!

How to install wallcoverings. The tools that you will need include: if it is fabric – a bolt of back fabric, wallcovering paste, fabric scissors, smoothing tool, a bucket, a tape measure, pencil, notepad, spackle, spackling knife, wallcovering primer, paint roller, paint pan, pan liner, roller cover, sanding block, a damp rag, a paint brush and a utility knife.

First, measure the walls. Use the tape measure to determine the width and height of the space for the wallcovering. Write down your measurements. Choose your wallcovering fabric. When deciding on the appropriate wallcovering remember that, patterns with large repeats will require more yards of covering and will be more expensive. Smaller prints or textured patterns, will require fewer yards of material.

Second, prepare the walls. Comb the wall with the smoothing tool to get rid of any bumps. Pill in all nail holes with spackle. Once it is dry, sand the wall lightly. Put on a primer and let it dry.

Third, cut the fabric wallcovering. Roll the fabric out on a long flat surface and measure it. Allow an extra 4 inches to account for the wall and cut it.

Fourth, paste the covering to the wall and attach the fabric. Start top to down, hold each strip up to the wall allowing for overlap. Press the wall coverings to the glue and smooth out any air bubbles. Cut off any excess when you are finished.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article about Quality Wallcoverings. Now it is time to head back over to the Decktec Wanddekor – Live in Balance and find wandverkleidung holz that perfect wallcovering for your space.